e-reading news: Macau Public Library launches free e-book ancient book resources to enrich cultural heritage

The Macau Public Library has recently launched a series of rare ancient books in e-books, making it easier for the public to access these important cultural heritages through digital technology. It not only facilitates the preservation of ancient books, but also facilitates research and reading by scholars and the public.

This batch of e-books contains 16 sets of important ancient books collected by the Ho Tung Library, including the Qianlong edition of Xiangshan County Chronicles and a total of 654 volumes of documents, which total more than 35,000 electronic images. Among them, "Weng Fanggang's Synopsis of Sikuquanshu" is the most precious. This manuscript is the original record of the compilation of "Sikuquanshu" and "Sikuquanshu General Catalog", and is of great academic value for the study of ancient Chinese documents.

The public library also collects precious Ming manuscripts such as "Taiping Yulan" and other important documents, which are indispensable resources for academic research. "Taiping Yulan" has a thousand volumes. It is an extremely well-preserved ancient book. It is divided into 100 volumes for display. It also contains the collation of Miao Quansun, a famous modern scholar, which adds to its academic value. Now the public can stay at home. You can read it carefully at home.

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Pilgrim's Progress, Dawn's Teachings, and Guiding the Road to Heaven, which have been published for over a hundred years, are translated works used by missionaries in China in the past. They are all written in Cantonese and are very interesting. The Regni Chinensis Descriptio (the first volume of "Matteo Ricci's Notes on China") provided by the Yishuting Library is the oldest Latin ancient book. It was published in 1639. It is a very small book and has been published for a long time. Stored in a display cabinet, it is extremely rare. The emergence of the electronic version also allows people to read it at any time, which is really a blessing.

The launch of these e-books is part of the Macau Public Library’s commitment to cultural preservation and dissemination, and is also an important measure it takes to support education and research. By digitizing these ancient books, the Macao Public Library not only protects these precious cultural assets, but also enables more people to access and learn these resources without barriers, which are worthy of appreciation.

Macau Public Library. Collection of rare ancient books and e-books

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