E-Ink新聞:Kobo即將推出彩色閱讀器Kobo Clara Color和Kobo Libra Color?

E-Ink News: Kobo will launch color e-readers Kobo Clara Color and Kobo Libra Color soon?

As early as October last year, it was discovered that two new models of Kobo would be submitted for inspection and obtained FCC certification , but there was no specific news. Until the first quarter of this year, several e-commerce platforms were unexpectedly put on the shelves in advance, including Fnac and Indigo (but the relevant pages have temporarily disappeared), leading people to believe that two new Kobo products equipped with color screens - Kobo Clara Color and Kobo Libra Color's upcoming release also marks Kobo's first entry into color e-ink technology.

Kobo Clara Color is equipped with a 6-inch screen, while Kobo Libra Color has a 7-inch screen. These two readers use Kaleido 3 color e-paper technology, which can provide a resolution of 300 PPI in black and white mode and 150 PPI in color mode. PPI.

The early exposure of these e-commerce platforms has also exposed some new product specifications and functions. The most noteworthy one is that Libra Color will support Kobo Stylus 2, making it the first product to be launched after the 8-inch Kobo Sage and 10.3-inch Kobo Elipsa series. The third Kobo reader with handwriting function. In addition, it is estimated that the Kobo Libra Color will be IPX8 waterproof like the black and white version and provide 32GB of storage space. Whether the above information is true or not will be verified later when Kobo officially releases it.

In terms of pricing, there are several opinions. Fnac shows that the Kobo Libra Color is €229.89 and the Kobo Clara Color is €159.99; Indigo shows that the Kobo Libra Color is 249.99 Canadian dollars. As more and more information is revealed, people are talking a lot about Kobo's debut color reader and are full of expectations. We hope that Kobo will officially release and publicly sell the new product as soon as possible. We will report it in detail at that time.

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