E-Ink新聞:Kobo與 iFixit 合作,推動電子書閱讀器自行維修

E-Ink News: Kobo partners with iFixit to promote self-repair of e-book readers

Kobo recently announced a partnership with iFixit to provide users with a self-repair solution for their e-book readers. This move will allow consumers to purchase original parts and perform repairs according to the instruction manual provided online, which not only increases the sustainability of the product, but also improves consumers' control over the life of the product.

Kobo offers a variety of readers that can be repaired by yourself, including Kobo Clara BW, Kobo Clara Color and Kobo Libra Color. Consumers can find repair guides and parts for these products on iFixit's website . These parts are original and guaranteed to match the equipment perfectly. For example, the Kobo Clara Color screen is priced at US$89.99, and the Libra Color is US$129.99. Surprisingly, the Clara BW screen price is the same as the color version at US$89.9; and the battery is between US$40 and US$45. .

The repair manual covers a series of repair steps from replacing the display, battery to the casing and even the motherboard. Although Kobo's e-book reader is equipped with a waterproof coating, the guide clearly states that it is safe to remove the waterproof coating during the replacement of parts and will not damage the device, but it will no longer be waterproof afterwards.

iFixit has created a complete repair manual for Kobo's latest Libra Color.

iFixit gave these three readers a repairability rating of 6 out of 10, meaning consumers with the tools and experience can complete the repair. However, since the three new models of Kobo have just been launched on the market and the response has been very enthusiastic, all parts are currently out of stock. Users who unfortunately need repairs may still have to send them back to the agent/original factory for follow-up.

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