E-Ink新聞:採用Kaleido 3面板的MobiScribe WAVE Color及mooInk Plus 2C延後發售

E-Ink News: MobiScribe WAVE Color with Kaleido 3 Panel and mooInk Plus 2C Delayed

Half a month ago, we reported that Yuantai Technology intends to lower the price of color electronic paper to increase market penetration ( portal ). And in 2023, there are indeed many brands that have launched or will soon launch color e-readers. For example, Bigme started crowdfunding in December last year, and the world's first 8-inch Galy with a Gallery 3 panel was successfully shipped to backers last month; and the InkNote Color+ with a Kaleido 3 panel has also been sold to Good e-readers sale.

Many manufacturers have a great demand for color electronic paper, but limited by the production capacity of E-Ink itself, it cannot meet the needs of the market at this stage, which has also caused some brands to delay the release of color readers. MobiScribe released the Kaleido 3, 7.8-inch new model WAVE Color in early January this year, and it was expected to be officially released in April. But as of today (April 2), its official website has not yet opened pre-sales, and it is expected that the official release will not be until summer. The situation of MooInk is similar. People can pre-order the 7.8-inch mooInk Plus 2C with Kaleido 3 on January 17 this year, and it is expected to start shipping in April. In order to ensure a smooth supply to all pre-order customers, after the end of the pre-order activity, Dumo has stopped selling this new model on the official website. The result of reading ink can also be successfully shipped to all users who pre-ordered the new machine on April 11. There are still channels online to order this mooInk Plus 2C in the form of pre-orders, but the delivery date has been postponed to the end of May to mid-June.

In order to cope with the rapid increase in demand for electronic paper, Yuantai Technology is expanding its production line, and plans to start a new Guanyin factory in Taoyuan in the second or third quarter of this year at a cost of NT$3.305 billion to alleviate the shortage.

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