E-Ink News: One small and one large, HyRead and Readmoo will launch color readers respectively early next year

Recently, two Taiwanese reader brands have also announced the launch of new products. Here we report the current news so that everyone can quickly grasp the information.

HyRead announced on its official Facebook group on November 30 that it would launch Gaze Mini C, which is a color version of the black and white Gaze Mini launched half a year ago. HyRead attached a questionnaire link to the post, introducing the features of the new product. Interested users can get a discount code of NT$150 as long as they fill out HyRead's questionnaire, which can be used when pre-sales officially start in January.

The specifications of this Gaze Mini C are the same as the Gaze Mini , but the screen will be converted to a color Kaleido Plus panel (yes, there are currently no Kaleido 3 models of 6-inch color E-Ink panels), providing grayscale 300PPI; color 100PPI of display pixels. In addition, this new product also comes with an exclusive and innovative Wowo electronic perpetual calendar. The calendar displays a Taiwanese animal every day, which is very unique.

HyRead's exclusive innovative Wowo electronic calendar.
In the questionnaire, HyRead stated that it would start fundraising pre-orders in January of next year, with a super early bird discount of NT$8,050 and is expected to be shipped in March.
Readmoo officially launched the black and white 13.3" mooInk Pro 2 in early 2022, and it has been almost two years since I realized it. 2023 is the color year of E-Ink, and many manufacturers have also launched color E-Ink readers in different sizes. Among devices, only the 13.3-inch size has not yet been challenged by manufacturers. It seems that this situation will change in the first quarter of next year.
In the latest episode of T's podcast released today (December 7) by T-Bang Film News, Readmoo's marketing director He Wanfang was invited to talk, revealing that Readmoo had already produced a 13.3-inch color prototype in the third quarter of this year. , invited some users to experience it and collect opinions; they also said that Readmoo will be the first brand on the market to launch a 13.3-inch Kaleido 3 color reader, and it will have the opportunity to be launched at the 2024TiBE Taipei International Book Fair in the first quarter of next year at the earliest.
The latest episode of T guest news.
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