E-Ink News: Hitachi OMIKA factory introduces eNote, a color electronic paper notebook, to achieve paperless on-site operations

Hitachi has joined forces with E Ink, a global leader in electronic paper technology, to promote digital transformation and paperless operations at Hitachi OMIKA factories, introducing eNote, a color electronic paper notebook developed by Linfiny Japan Inc., to improve work efficiency and quality management. efficacy. This move not only demonstrates the forward-looking application of electronic paper in the manufacturing industry, but also brings significant improvements to the quality assurance operations of OMIKA factories.

First of all, eNote is equipped with a 13.3-inch E Ink Kaleido 3 color electronic ink display. This soft and durable screen not only provides a writing experience similar to traditional paper, but also has excellent outdoor visibility, making it a Ideal for on-site work. Pen input support further enhances the practicality of this electronic notebook. Workers can fill in information directly on PDF forms, which is especially important for quality assurance work that requires checking and recording large amounts of data.

In addition, eNote's built-in NFC reader allows seamless connection with NFC tags, and the integration of cloud and factory systems is achieved through the Digital Paper Control Server Software (DCSS) provided by Linfiny. This means that files can be distributed, collected and reviewed from the upper-level system to multiple electronic notebooks with one click, thereby achieving more efficient data management and progress control.

The ultra-low power consumption of the e-paper notebook ensures that it can be used continuously for five days even when connected to Wi-Fi, and for two weeks when Wi-Fi is turned off, which greatly improves the performance of the device. portability and practicality. In order to strengthen data security, the eNote system has added a number of security features, including data encryption, employee badge login, device locking and remote reset, to ensure compliance and prevent data tampering.

E Ink expressed its expectation for this cooperation with Hitachi, believing that the dedicated firmware for e-paper notebooks will help reduce paper consumption at the manufacturing site and improve business operation efficiency. E Ink has set ambitious sustainable development goals and is committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2030 and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, demonstrating its firm commitment to environmental protection.

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