E-Ink新聞跟進:HaxMini eReader開始眾籌+規格分析;讀墨mooInk Plus 2C重新列出開售日期

E-Ink news follow-up: HaxMini eReader starts crowdfunding + specification analysis; MooInk Plus 2C relists the release date

Last week, I reported to you that HaxMini eReader, a reader similar to Aragonite BOOX Leaf2 , has successfully started crowdfunding on Kickstarter on April 11, and the target amount has been raised in just 15 minutes (actually not much, only about 2,000 US dollars ), in less than four days, it has received support from more than 200 people, and the response has been good.

HaxMini released the detailed specifications of this product on the Kickstarter page. HaxMini eReader originally used a 5.83-inch E-Ink screen. It is worth noting that this E-Ink screen has only 138PPI and a resolution of 648x480. It is usually used as an electronic label It is currently used as a reader, and the effect of displaying text is worrying.

This is a 5.83-inch E-Ink screen available in bulk on the market, and the wholesale price is about $30 a piece. (Image source: buydisplay.com )

In addition, the website lists the processor as 4-core Cortex-A7, the GPU as Mali-400 MP2, most likely the Allwinner H3 chip, a 40mn entry-level chip released in 2015.

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In early April, we reported that due to insufficient E-Ink production capacity, some brands delayed the release of new products using Kaleido 3 panels, including MobiScribe WAVE Color andmooInk Plus 2C . As of today (April 14), the two new products are still out of sale on their official website, but the latter lists the reopening date: May 5. Readers who are interested in purchasing this new model of Dumo color, please remember this day.

By the way, MooInk has also successfully shipped mooInk Plus 2C to users who pre-ordered in January from April 11. Many users have obtained this new machine and are enjoying reading.

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