E-Ink News: Get to know the special reader brands from Europe and the United States - Woxter from Spain and Nabuk from Chile

Have you read the last analysis report on China’s e-paper tablet market in 2023 ? Careful readers may have noticed that global eReader sales in the first three quarters of this year, after excluding the Chinese market, actually exceeded 5 million units. Most of this huge sales volume actually comes from Kindle and Kobo readers (the former accounts for about 70%, and it is estimated that the two together account for about 90% or more of the share). In fact, in addition to these two major manufacturers, there are also some local reader brands in Europe and the United States that are very distinctive. Today I would like to introduce two of them to you - Woxter from Spain and Nabuk from Chile.

Woxter is a Spanish company that specializes in the production of e-readers and other digital products. Its reader products also have many supporters in Europe. Aragonite's mobile phone reader Palma has been quite popular recently. In fact, Woxter also has a similar product - Scriba 195 S, a mobile phone reader equipped with a 4.7-inch black and white E Ink screen with a resolution of 960x540 and weighing only 100 grams. It features in addition to solid black, you can also choose eye-catching blue/red, and it is equipped with 7 physical buttons on the bottom of the front and buttons on both sides. This is a lightweight device with entry-level configuration, and the micro-USB port of the previous generation is not very user-friendly. However, the price is also entry-level, priced at 69. The official website is currently offering a Black Friday special price, selling for only €49. They also have another 6-inch device, Scriba 195 Paperlight. If you are interested, you can go to the official website to learn more.

The color selection of Woxter Scriba 195 S is very eye-catching. (Source: Woxter official website)

Nabuk is a Chilean technology company that specializes in the production and development of e-readers and related software and is quite popular locally. Their product lines are all focused on 6 inches. Their early products, such as Lux 3, Regal HD, etc., are equipped with page turning buttons on both sides, lower buttons, and a 3.5mm headphone jack that is rare on the market. It is a bit regrettable that their latest 2023 Aurora, which is currently on pre-sale, only has the Home button under the screen, but it has become an open reader equipped with Google Play.

The Lux 3 launched by Nabuk in the early years was very unique and equipped with many physical keys.

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