E-Ink News: Ford partners with Reviver to introduce E-Ink electronic license plates

Three months ago, we reported on the American company Reviver's E-Ink electronic license plate , which has more functions than traditional license plates, including the ability to control the license plate with an APP to display the message "car stolen" after it is stolen. Recently, Reviver reached an important cooperation with Ford, a world-renowned automobile manufacturer. Under the agreement, Reviver's RPlate electronic license plates will be introduced into the aftermarket supply of more than 300 Ford dealers in Arizona, California and Michigan. As Ford's official accessories partner, this means Ford will become the first automaker in the world to provide electronic license plate technology to its customers.

According to this cooperation agreement, RPlate digital license plates will receive Ford’s exclusive part number. Consumers will be able to purchase the RPlate through catalogs or in dealer merchandise and accessories departments.

Neville Boston, founder and chief strategy officer of Reviver, said: "It is truly an honor to be associated with an iconic brand in the automotive industry like Ford. We are proud to meet the company's rigorous evaluation requirements for potential suppliers. And look forward to adding innovations in electronic license plate technology to their products."

Reviver's digital license plates are more than just a cosmetic upgrade; they're a testament to progress. Depending on the model, key features include: personalized displays, location tracking, easy registration renewal via APP, real-time alerts when the vehicle is moving, tamper-proof installation and strong anti-theft measures. Reviver offers a battery-powered, user-installable model with a replaceable 5-year battery, as well as a corded model that requires professional installation to suit every driver's preference.

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