E-Ink News: There may soon be a solar-powered, charging-free E-Ink e-reader!

Let me first introduce this company from Sweden—Exeger. It features a unique Powerfoyle solar cell technology that converts all forms of light, including natural outdoor light and ambient indoor light, into electricity. And this Powerfoyle can be seamlessly integrated into any electronic device.

And Exeger is working with E Ink to develop self-charging ePaper devices to extend the battery life of electronic ink products. Their first prototype, a writing eNote, features a slim, durable cover with a seamlessly integrated Powerfoyle solar cell that, when exposed to light, both indoors and outdoors, It can significantly extend the battery life of eNote, bringing the greatest convenience to users.

Exeger's solar battery Powerfoyle is made of environmentally friendly materials. Through its own unique printing technology, it can be made into almost any shape or form. Powerfoyle can also be manufactured in different patterns and textures, which allows brands to incorporate the technology while retaining their product design DNA.

The two companies demonstrated the prototype device of this product at the Touch Taiwan 2023 that just passed . The body is connected to the protective cover through pogopin, and there is a solar panel on the outside of the protective cover, and the panel is coated. According to the published data, if the light of 1000 lux indoors is irradiated for 24 hours, the use time can be increased by 24 hours; if the light of 700 lux is irradiated indoors for 24 hours, the use time can be increased by 16 hours ; 8 days extension. Of course, it is estimated that this is the data of the laboratory, and the reality is that there will be no continuous 24 hours of sunshine.

This prototype device jointly developed by Exeger and E Ink is only the first step, and there is still a long way to go before mass production and market launch. Devices, even mobile phones, may really become people's daily life in the future.

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