E-Ink New Products: Beautify your life with Inklay wooden frames from Switzerland

Inklay is a newly launched e-paper display developed by Lukas von Niederhäusern, a designer and programmer from Zurich, Switzerland. Available in walnut and oak frames, this product is specially designed to simplify and beautify e-paper displays. It provides an integrated solution with matching applications and has already begun mass production and sales.
Inklay is equipped with a 9.7-inch black and white E-Ink display with a resolution of 1200 x 825 pixels and supports 16-level grayscale display. To enable the Inklay display, users need three rechargeable AAA batteries or a Type-C port power supply, and download the dedicated Inklay app to set it up. Currently, Inklay provides four application functions: including a slideshow mode that can display personal images, and the ability to directly render specific website content. There are also two interactive applications, one that connects to the Strava platform to display sports statistics and weather forecasts, and the other that displays key data and dashboard information from the PV system.
Designed with low power consumption and ease of use in mind, Inklay utilizes e-paper technology to maintain display content even when the power is turned off. This design aims to provide a lightweight, environmentally friendly and eye-friendly display suitable for home and office use.
Since this was a personal project, a lot of passion and attention to detail went into its development. This makes Inklay not only functionally suitable for everyday needs, but its unique wooden design also allows it to become part of the interior decoration. The price of the product is set at 250 Swiss francs. Currently, it can only be shipped within Switzerland and requires a waiting period of four to five weeks. Interested readers can purchase it directly from the official website .

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