E-Ink新聞:元太科技發布新一代彩色電子紙技術E-Ink Spectra 6 Plus,面向零售標籤和廣告牌應用

E-Ink News: E Ink Technology releases a new generation of color e-paper technology, E-Ink Spectra 6 Plus, for retail label and billboard applications

E Ink Technology released the latest generation of E-Ink Spectra 6 Plus technology on April 17 , and won the Outstanding Product Award ( Panel Module Category ) at the Display Component Product Technology Awards (Gold Panel Awards 2024) on the same day, demonstrating Its significant advancement in color e-paper technology.

E-Ink Spectra 6 Plus is a further development based on the previously launched E Ink Spectra 6 technology. A major breakthrough of this new technology lies in its significantly increased efficiency and improved user experience, reducing the page change time required in the previous generation technology from 25 seconds to just 7 seconds. This improvement is mainly due to the newly developed low-flicker, fast-changing driving algorithm, and the use of Oxide TFT ( oxide thin film transistor ) technology that provides higher resolution and faster pixel response speed, which have greatly improved The speed and frame rate of picture update.

Further technological innovations include the new development of the Waveform (waveform drive) architecture. This novel driving method can make the display smoother, especially during dynamic display, significantly reducing flicker and providing a more comfortable reading experience. In addition, the resolution of E-Ink Spectra 6 Plus has also been increased from 200PPI to 300PPI, making the displayed text and images clearer and more saturated.

The new generation of panels using E-Ink Spectra 6 Plus can present more saturated and clear colors. (Source: Yuantai Technology)

These technological innovations of E-Ink Spectra 6 Plus are particularly suitable for applications that require high-resolution and low-flicker displays, such as retail labels and billboards. These applications not only improve the user experience, but also make Yuantai Technology's products more competitive in the market.

E Ink Technology will gather its 62 partners at the Touch Taiwan 2024 Smart Display Exhibition from April 24 to 26, 2024, to jointly demonstrate a full range of e-paper technology solutions, including advertising billboards, smart retail systems, e-paper Modules, IC design, turnkey solutions, etc., of course, including more color e-paper applications and the display of E-Ink Spectra 6 Plus.

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