E-Ink News: E Ink and MediaTek Cooperate to Develop Chip Solutions for E-Readers

E Ink and MediaTek announced on May 25 that the two companies will further strengthen their cooperation and jointly develop chip solutions for e-book readers. This cooperation will combine Yuantai Technology's e-paper materials and system technologies with MediaTek's high-performance processors and advanced manufacturing processes to bring better products to the global e-book reader market.

In this cooperation, MediaTek will use its integrated system chip, combined with the display controller of E Ink, to jointly develop and develop. It will lock in higher computing performance and produce it with advanced manufacturing processes. It can also support a number of black and white and Color electronic paper display technology, including E Ink Carta, E Ink Kaleido, and E Ink Gallery. Let readers also enjoy a good reading experience.

At present, MediaTek will use its integrated system chip and E Ink's display controller to jointly develop e-book tablet products for the education market. The goal is to provide a solution that combines advanced processing technology and high-quality display technology to meet the needs of the education market.

At present, MediaTek's processor product MT8113 has been widely used in Amazon's Kindle series e-books (including Kindle Paperwhite 11th and Kindle Scribe). Page rendering speed. Since there is not much official information about MT8113, the estimated performance according to the specifications is close to that of Qualcomm 632, but it has the characteristics of e-paper, mainly for adjustments in page turning experience and power consumption management.

For reference, the MT8183 released earlier than the MT8113 is MediaTek’s mainstream entry-level chip for tablets. The two are the same process, but with 4+4 cores, and are mostly used on Chromebooks. Between Qualcomm 636 and 662.

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