E-Ink新聞:E Ink宣佈推出全彩電子紙 E Ink Spectra 6 技術,將革新數位廣告看板市場

E-Ink News: E Ink Announces E Ink Spectra 6 Technology, a Full-Color E-Paper that Will Revolutionize the Digital Signage Market

For most e-reader enthusiasts, they should only have heard of E-Ink Carta , Gallery 3 , Kaleido plus/3 and other e-ink terminology. In fact, Yuantai Technology has ten core brand products to meet the needs of different manufacturers and companies and different usage scenarios, and provide a variety of low-power, visually friendly e-paper display solutions. The three nouns mentioned just now are just three of their brand products.

What I will introduce to you today is the relatively unfamiliar Spectra series for users who generally use readers. This color electronic ink display technology is dedicated to the development of advertising and electronic shelf labels (ESL). From the earliest Spectra 3000 , which can only display three colors (black, white, red or black, white and yellow), to the Spectra 3100 , which can display four colors (black, white, red, yellow), and refresh faster, to five colors (black, white, red, yellow, orange) ) of the Spectra 3100 Plus , along the way.

Surprisingly, after several years of accumulation, the Spectra 6 released by E Ink this time has a revolutionary improvement, through enhanced color spectrum (Color Spectrum) and advanced color imaging algorithm (Color Imaging Algorithm), providing reflection The unprecedented color saturation and vividness of the display, and can match the same color effect of the most advanced paper color printers on the market today (but the number of colors that can be displayed has not been announced), the resolution has also been increased to 200PPI, and the contrast ratio is 30 : 1, can operate at a temperature between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius. In addition, E Ink Sparkle technology is used to design partial image flickering effects, and through partial dynamic image special effects, the advertising message is more prominent. E Ink said that the goal of this technology is to provide a print-quality substitute for all paper posters, including POP displays, billboards, posters, and other in-store advertisements. Customers can choose the appropriate size according to different application scenarios, so that Product advertising and marketing effects have been enhanced.

This new E Ink Spectra 6 color electronic paper will be displayed for the first time at the E Ink booth at Touch Taiwan 2023 from April 19th to 21st, 2023, and then will be displayed in Los Angeles, USA from May 23rd to 25th The conference center SID (The Society of Information Display, SID) display week exhibition. The product is expected to be mass-produced and launched in 2024.

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