E-Ink新聞:E Ink x Readmoo讀墨,正合力研發全球首款 8吋 摺疊電子書閱讀器(附影片)

E-Ink News: E Ink x Readmoo are working together to develop the world's first 8-inch folding e-book reader (with video)

This year's Touch Taiwan Smart Display Exhibition has brought many surprises for E-Ink lovers!

At the 2023 Touch Taiwan exhibition, E Ink and Readmoo announced a new plan to develop the world's first 8-inch folding color e-book reader using the E Ink Gallery 3 color panel. Yuantai Technology also displayed the prototype of this 8-inch folding panel at the exhibition.

Video credit: Aguro. Thanks to him for allowing E-Reader Pro to share the material he took in person.

E Ink Gallery 3 is a full-color electronic paper display technology developed based on E Ink ACeP technology. It uses a mixture of four electronic inks, cyan, magenta, yellow, and white, to display saturated and bright full-color imaging.

Pang Wenzhen, CEO of Readmoo e-books, said that readers' expectations have always been the driving force for the team to move forward. The team is working with E Ink on ongoing development of the color e-book reader. They hope to use the 8-inch folding design to take into account the needs of portability and size, and provide a more diverse reading experience.

Li Zhenghao, chairman of Yuantai Technology, also pointed out that he is very happy with Readmoo's foldable e-book reader made with soft E Ink Gallery 3 technology. This reader not only has a more vivid and saturated full-color performance, but also greatly improves the page changing speed. In addition, the foldable design is more portable, allowing the public to experience a new digital reading experience.

Although there is no specific mass production time for this new model of Dumo, I believe readers who read this article will feel excited. Looking forward to more good news from Dumo and E Ink in the future.

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