E-Ink News: Yuantai Technology cooperates with Tungs' Taichung Metroharbor Hospital to introduce color e-paper smart cards into the health examination process

Tungs' Taichung Metroharbor Hospital and E Ink Technology, the world's leading e-paper brand, announced their cooperation yesterday (December 1) to use color battery-free e-paper smart cards in the hospital's health examination process for the first time. This innovative initiative aims to improve the efficiency of medical staff in identifying subjects, simplify the operation process, reduce waiting time, and thereby speed up the overall health examination process.

The introduction of this battery-free e-paper smart card consumes only one thousandth of the power compared to traditional methods such as using tablets, making it more environmentally friendly and economical. E-paper is increasingly valued in various smart application scenarios due to its ultra-low power consumption and eye-safe characteristics. Especially in the medical field, from bedside cards and ward door cards to smart medicine cabinets and medicine carts, the diverse applications of electronic paper of different sizes are gradually changing the traditional medical process and are very suitable for displaying accurate information, but they do not emit light themselves. The characteristics will not affect the patient's rest.

Battery-free e-paper smart card display. (Source: E Ink )

Tong Minzhe, general director of Tong General Hospital, emphasized that smart medical care is an important trend in the future development of the medical industry. This cooperation with Yuantai Technology marks an important step for the hospital in the field of smart medical care. The use of color battery-free electronic paper health examination smart cards not only greatly saves the waiting time of subjects and improves the work efficiency of medical staff, but also responds to the global trend of environmental sustainability.

Battery-free e-paper smart card display. (Source: E Ink )

This innovative color e-paper smart card is connected to the smart hospital system through wireless communication technology and can instantly update and display the latest examination progress, effectively replacing the traditional paper-and-pencil recording method. Its clear display and intuitive interface design help subjects quickly understand the next examination process, reduce unnecessary waiting and confusion, and improve the quality and efficiency of overall medical services.

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