E-Ink新聞:元太科技與愛鷗集團合作推出採用E Ink Kaleido 3電子紙筆記的智慧設備檢測系統

E-Ink News: E Ink and AIOI Systems cooperate to launch a smart device detection system using E Ink Kaleido 3 e-paper notes

After Sony released the 13.3-inch DPT-RP1 electronic paper in 2017, it stopped upgrading this series. In April of the same year, Linfiny, a joint venture company established by E Ink and Sony Semiconductor Solutions, took over this task, inherited the design of Sony's electronic paper, and continued to develop and update the product line, but it became an OEM with other brands. Well-known collaborations include Taiwan's mooInk Pro series and Japan's Fujitsu Quaderno series, rather than launching them on the market under their own brands.

In 2023, when E Ink's color e-paper Kaleido 3 technology has gradually become popular, different manufacturers have successively developed and launched 7.8-inch and 10.3-inch color readers. Many people are looking forward to the 13.3-inch color E-Ink device. Debut (because color 13.3 has never been released before!). In fact, in October last year, Fujitsu had actually exhibited the Fujitsu Quaderno A4/A5 Gen 3 prototype using Kaleido 3 screen in Tokyo. When many E-Ink enthusiasts estimated that they would be mass-produced and officially sold soon, after a month Year but there has been no news (Unexpectedly, Good E-Reader also pre-ordered the Fujitsu Quaderno A4 Gen 3 for almost a year...).

Until two days ago (October 12), E Ink announced its cooperation with the Japanese company AIOI Systems to equip its AIOI smart device detection system with E Ink Kaleido™ 3 color electronic paper developed by Linfiny. notebook. This is Linfiny's typical OEM cooperation model. It provides hardware and adapts the system according to the needs of the partner company, ensuring seamless transmission and synchronization of files in the cloud to meet the partner's workflow, achieving paperless and improving efficiency at the same time. productive forces.

This 13.3-inch color electronic paper notebook uses an E Ink Kaleido 3 color screen with a resolution of 2560x1920, black and white at 240 PPI, and color at 120 PPI. It is also equipped with capacitive touch, Wacom EMR tablet and electromagnetic pen. Due to the ultra-low power consumption of e-paper, the battery life is expected to be five days when Wi-Fi is turned on, and up to two weeks when Wi-Fi is turned off.

This smart equipment detection system will be exhibited in E Ink’s exhibition area at the CEATEC 2023 exhibition on October 17. It is expected that this color e-paper notebook will not only be popular among enterprises, but also e-reader manufacturers will cooperate with Linfiny as soon as possible to launch the mass-produced 13.3-inch color Kaleido 3 e-reader.

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