E-Ink新聞:元太科技助力「500碗2023」,贈送E Ink電子紙獎狀

E-Ink News: E Ink helps "500 Bowls 2023" and presents E Ink electronic paper certificate

"500 Series", a brand of the United Daily News, hosted the first "500 Bowls 2023" event earlier, selecting special snacks from all over Taiwan, and becoming a daily food review that meets the tastes of Taiwanese. They just held an awards ceremony on June 27, announcing that they were favored by the judges, with as many as 441 snack bars all over Taiwan.

Why does our E-Reader Pro report this matter? Because Yuantai Technology is the cooperating partner of this event, all 500 bowl-winning stores can get a certificate of E Ink electronic paper made by them, and jointly advocate carbon reduction and environmental protection.

From the pictures provided by the organizer, it is estimated that this e-paper award uses an e-paper display of about 10.3 inches. There are only red and black displays, and it is likely to use the E-Ink Spectra technology that is mostly used for electronic shelf labels. The award certificate is embedded in the picture frame, and with the characteristics of electronic paper that does not refresh and consumes no power, it is convenient for award-winning stores to display this unique award certificate.

The store won the highest honor "Seven Bowls" selection!
(Photo: E Ink Perpetual Facebook)

I wonder if there is a similar customized E Ink electronic paper certificate service in the market? Perhaps it is also a business opportunity, and the winners should also have a sense of freshness, and they will be happy to keep it well.

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