E-Ink News: Changhua Christian Hospital adopts E-Ink color electronic label technology to open a new chapter in dispensing

In September, we reported that Taipei Veterans General Hospital implemented an electronic paper drug management system, replacing drug paper labels with colorful electronic shelf labels (ESL), greatly improving drug management efficiency and correctness of taking medicines, and providing safe Medication Services. Yesterday (November 3), Changhua Christian Hospital and Taiwan New Biomedical Co., Ltd. jointly launched a "smart dispensing station" system using E Ink Spectra 3100 color electronic labels.

Changhua Christian Hospital is equipped with this smart guidance system to make taking medicines at the dispensing table more convenient. The medicine label mirrors in the dispensing table are all made of colored electronic paper, which can update the labels in real time. Just scan the barcode on the medicine bag, and the medicine cabinet will automatically light up the full-frame indicator light and open the corresponding storage position, and close it after taking the medicine. , and then automatically open the next storage location. This design not only helps new pharmacists and interns quickly become familiar with drug storage and avoids mistakes, but also greatly improves the teaching effect and shortens the training time. In addition, the system automatically records each dispensing record, and due to the fully locked design of the smart dispensing station, it can ensure that medicines are not lost or mistakenly taken.

The four-color electronic label technology of E Ink Spectra 3100 (white, red, black, yellow) is used to replace the traditional medicine box label paper, and different colors are used to distinguish the warning of medicines, such as: electronic labels for dangerous medicines The design is presented in a combination of bright and saturated yellow and red, which greatly improves the accuracy of medicine dispensing. In addition, this electronic label is also suitable for low-temperature refrigeration refrigerators. Through the new system, the lights and corresponding drawer automatic pop-up technology can be used to guide pharmacists to correctly and quickly obtain medicines within a limited time, and they can also clearly grasp medicine information and information at any time. Inventory status to achieve precise management.

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