E-Ink新聞:文石將會在二月下旬推出中國限定的7吋彩機Leaf 3C

E-Ink News: Onyx Boox will launch China-limited 7-inch color machine Leaf 3C in late February

Last week, Boox announced on its official Weibo that its first new phone in 2024, the 7-inch color phone Leaf 3C, will be officially released on February 26 at 7 pm China time.

Boox has not officially released the details of the new product (including price), but according to estimates, its hardware specifications should be the same as those of the Leaf 3, but the screen will be replaced with a Kaleido 3 color panel. In addition, judging from its promotional poster, there is a chance to launch a white version this time (Leaf 3 is only available in black)! Details will be reported to you in due course.

As for the overseas version of Page that corresponds to the China-limited version of Leaf 3, there is currently no news that a color version will be launched. However, according to Boox's practice, it is estimated that one to two weeks after the official release of Leaf 3C (i.e. early to mid-March) An overseas version of Page C will be released, and interested readers may wish to wait patiently.

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