E-Ink新聞:文石BOOX發布了firmware v3.3.2,陸續推送給指定型號用戶

E-Ink News: Aragonite BOOX has released firmware v3.3.2, which will be pushed to designated model users one after another

Aragonite BOOX released the latest firmware v3.3.2 on March 22 for designated models* limited to China. And on March 31, 10 days later, it was finally the overseas version's model* to usher in an update.

*China limited models, the first batch includes Tab8/10/13, Note5+, NoteX/X2, Nova 5/Air C and Max Lumi2; overseas limited models, the first batch includes Tab Ultra/Tab X, Nova Air2/Air C, Note Air 2/Air 2 Plus, Note5 and Max Lumi2

According to the needs of users, Aragonite BOOX has brought many new functions and changes to its series of products. The key points are listed as follows:

  1. Integrate third-party cloud storage: Now you can directly download, save, and modify files stored in the cloud on the device.
  2. Upgrade of OCR function: The number of OCR recognition has increased, and the function of converting to PDF has also been improved.
  3. Note function upgrade: Add template template, "Insert Note" option and "Share and Export" option. In addition, a text note function has been added.
  4. Built-in dictionaries: 3 new dictionaries (English-English, English-Chinese, Chinese) have been added.
  5. New settings: side gesture operation, Tab series "auto sleep" option can choose "never".
  6. Account free space increased from 5GB to 10GB.

After this firmware update, many details of the device have been adjusted. After a trial by the store owner, Dust, the evaluation is quite positive, which really improves the user experience. However, some useful new functions are hidden deep, and it is not easy for users to understand and enable them, so Dust will make a teaching video later to explain this Aragonite firmware upgrade. Aragonite users please wait and see.

In addition, Aragonite officials also mentioned that the old models will also be upgraded later, please wait patiently.

The following is an introduction to the new functions of the official firmware upgrade for readers to read carefully:

Domestic model / Overseas model

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