E-Ink新聞:從黑白到彩色,BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA展現Prism 3彩色電子紙未來潛力

E-Ink News: From black and white to color, BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA shows the future potential of Prism 3 color e-paper

At the Frieze Los Angeles Art Fair that just passed, the debut of an exhibit attracted widespread attention in the industry. It was the latest BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA, a collaboration between BMW and Yuantai Technology. It displayed its color-changing electronic paper through the car body. Unique color changing ability.

This news may seem familiar to viewers, right? In fact, the cooperation between BMW and Yuantai Technology can be traced back to 2022. From the earliest version of iX Flow, which can only convert between black and white, to the i Vision Dee that can convert 32 colors the following year, to this year’s latest BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA , the entire car has a total of 1,348 programmable color segments, which are changed through electronically controlled Prism 3 color e-paper technology. Each segment can be controlled individually, allowing the body (including the side of the car) to display more colors, pattern designs, and even text, witnessing the progress and maturity of this technology.

This collaboration demonstrates how Yuantai Technology's technology can transform the surface experience, by using millions of microcapsules to change the arrangement of color particles through electronic voltage, thereby presenting different colors and patterns, not just limited to changing the color of the car body. It can also display dynamic patterns and animations to achieve product personalization and self-expression. E Ink Prism 3 technology is fully programmable, low power and durable, making it ideal for creating dynamic and sustainable designs on any surface. Although the application of this color-changing technology on the BMW i5 Nostokova is still a one-off demonstration, it provides a new perspective on how the automotive industry can merge international works of art with cutting-edge technology.

In addition, this model not only showcases technological innovation, but also pays tribute to the design of Esther Mahlangu’s 1991 art car. South African artist Esther Mahlangu collaborated with BMW and named her design Nostokana, which is also the name of her eldest son. This cooperation not only reflects the combination of art and technology, but also demonstrates the inheritance of culture.

Let us continue to look forward to the development of E Ink Prism 3, a color-changing electronic paper technology, and how it will be used in our lives in the future.
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