E-Ink News: ChatGPT function ushered in Bigme reader version update

Remember last week we introduced that Bigme will launch a reader integrated with ChatGPT? ( News Portal ) If you have the InkNote Color (using Kaleido Plus panel) that was crowdfunded at the end of last year, you may wish to check if you have received the system update file (version: INKNOTE_COLOR_R_3.1.8_2.230428).

On April 28, Bigme launched an update file for its InkNote Color+ product. After the upgrade, users will get a new app called ChatGPT and related artificial intelligence functions. It is worth mentioning that this update is also applicable to the previous generation of InkNote Color devices.

The update brings two important AI features to Bigme's devices. First of all, in the meeting recording function of the device, AI intelligent summary can be performed after recording, and the content is presented in outline form, which is convenient for users to quickly browse the key points. Secondly, users can chat with ChatGPT through the ChatGPT APP, or provide topics in the "Creation" column, and AI will generate corresponding outlines and content.

It should be noted that the deadline for ChatGPT's database is November 23, 2021, and it does not include the function of searching data on the Internet. When using the ChatGPT APP, users must be connected to the Internet.

In addition to the above functions, this update also brings a new operation interface, making the user experience more intuitive. At the same time, the development team also added a side gesture as a "return" function, allowing users to switch between different interfaces more conveniently.

Overall, this major update has brought significant improvements to Bigme's devices, and the layout has become more concise, making it easier for users to get started. Whether it is the new AI function or the optimized operation interface, it is worthy of users' attention and try.

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