E-Ink News: Bigme will usher in a huge update, bringing the latest "automatic image removal algorithm" to its products

A month ago, we reported that Bigme launched the latest color machine S6 Color+, which mentioned that the new product will be equipped with the newly developed "automatic afterimage elimination algorithm", and emphasized "bringing you a new and pleasant machine experience". ( Portal ) If you have purchased Bigme electronic paper products in the past year, you can try this "new algorithm" at a later time to see how powerful it is and whether it is worthy of the name.

Today (August 29th), Bigme issued an announcement announcing that its products will usher in a major update, including its exclusive developed "automatic afterimage elimination algorithm", which means that the technology greatly reduces the afterimage effect on the screen , providing a more delicate visual experience. The actual effect is to be tested by the user later.

In addition, Bigme has also been optimized for power consumption and has added an automatic afterimage removal function in normal mode. Updates to Control Center make screen rotation and power management easier for users. Another improvement is to add a page number display function in its Xreader reading tool, so that users can understand the reading progress more intuitively. In order to meet the different needs of users, Bigme has also added area screenshots and application freezing functions. At the same time, its user manual has also been fully updated in order to enable users to better understand and use the new functions.

This major update is temporarily applicable to the following Bigme models: S6, S6 Color, S6 Color lite, S6 Color+, inkNote color, inkNote color+, inkNote color lite, etc. Other models will also get these updates in the near future.

Finally, Bigme has announced that more new features will be launched next month, and I will report to readers at that time.

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