E-Ink新聞:Bigme HiBreak E-Ink手機銷量突破1100部│華碩ROG筆電搭載E Ink彩色電子紙,Project Dali概念亮相

E-Ink News: Bigme HiBreak E-Ink mobile phone sales exceed 1,100 units│Asus ROG notebook equipped with E Ink color electronic paper, Project Dali concept unveiled

Today I would like to introduce two pieces of E-Ink news to you.

Bigme posted on its official Weibo that after the HiBreak entry-level E-Ink mobile phone was officially launched on May 31, 700 units were sold in just two hours, with a total sales volume of 880 units in 12 hours. Since Bigme's mobile phone with communication functions has not yet obtained China's network access license, it is not yet available for sale in its self-operated JD flagship store. For the time being, users can only order the limited edition HiBreak at Bigme's overseas official online store , which is expected to be released at the end of June. goods. As of the time of writing this article (8pm Hong Kong time on June 4), Bigme has sold a total of 1,103 HiBreak phones.

HiBreak is sold in limited edition on Bigme’s official website, and there are about 400 units of the color version left.

By the way, since we reported earlier that Bigme HiBreak mentioned that its color version uses Kaleido 3 technology, we have now inquired and confirmed with the official that this product uses Kaleido Plus technology, not Kaleido 3, so the black and white display on the screen is 275PPI , color is 91.9PPI. The content of the earlier news was incorrect, so please forgive me, thank you.

ASUS is exhibiting a very interesting concept notebook "Project Dali" at the ongoing Computex Taipei. It puts a 13-inch color screen on the top of the ASUS ROG notebook and uses E Ink Spectra™ 6 technology. Electronic paper allows users to design and present patterns by themselves. ASUS has designed software for this. Users can select the pictures to be replaced and add additional text through the program in the laptop.

ASUS stated that adding an e-paper panel to the notebook will make the upper cover thicker. Therefore, if it is officially launched, it will first consider the ROG series of gaming notebooks that emphasize performance rather than portability. If the market response is good, then ASUS will Consider applying to other notebook series.

Asus ROG Project Dali (Source: Yahoo Tech)

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