E-Ink News: China's e-paper tablet market will grow against the trend in 2023, while the global market will decline overall

In 2023, China's e-paper tablet market will show strong growth momentum, which is in sharp contrast to the overall downward trend of the global market due to the dual impact of the epidemic and war . According to the latest data from RUNTO, global e-paper tablet sales were 5.878 million units in the first three quarters of this year, a 26.5% decrease from the same period last year. In comparison, sales in the Chinese market reached 584,000 units during the same period. Although there was a slight decline, the decline was far lower than the global average.

It is particularly noteworthy that online sales of China's e-paper tablets recorded a substantial growth of 24% in the third quarter, successfully reversing the negative growth trend in the first half of the year and demonstrating the growing interest of Chinese consumers in this type of products. Local Chinese brands such as iFlytek, iFlytek, and Xiaoyuan have consolidated their position in the market, and their products such as office notebooks, readers, and learning machines have been widely praised.

In terms of product types, the TOP5 brands in the e-paper smart tablet market include iFlytek, PalmReader, Aragonite, Hanwang and Xiaoyuan, among which iFlytek has retained its sales title for three consecutive months. After the launch of new products in May, aragonite once topped the sales list, but by August it had fallen to third place. Surprisingly, at the bottom of the top ten list is Bigme, which is quite popular and often launches new products first.

2023Q3 Sales volume of top brands in China’s e-paper tablet online market (unit: 10,000 units)
Data source: RUNTO online monitoring data)

The learning product type performed particularly well in the third quarter of this year. Its sales increased by an astonishing 900% year-on-year, and its share of the e-paper tablet market soared from 1% to 12%. This growth was mainly due to the active marketing activities of brand manufacturers during the quarter, especially the significant efforts of the Xiaoyuan brand in advertising promotion, which led to a substantial increase in sales of its learning machine products.

Product sales structure of China’s e-paper tablet online market in Q3 2023 ( unit: 10,000 units, %) ( Data source: RUNTO online monitoring data)

Overall, the three major characteristics of China's e-paper tablet market in 2023 are: the popularization of color e-paper technology, the dominance of domestic brands in the market, and the rapid rise of smart learning notebooks. These trends not only demonstrate the strong potential of e-paper tablets in the Chinese market, but also reflect the growing consumer demand for high-tech learning tools. As technology continues to advance and market demand continues to expand, it is expected that this field will continue to prosper in the future.

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