E-Ink News: Amazon Kindle’s Final Chapter in China——The exit of readers and e-book stores

This can be regarded as the end of an era. Amazon Kindle announced that it will stop selling readers in the Chinese market and close its e-book store.

Starting June 30, Kindle users in China will no longer be able to purchase new e-books. As early as May 31, the Amazon Kindle Weibo official account released a document called "Farewell Handbook", which answered questions related to the suspension of operations and reminded users to keep their Purchased e-books are downloaded to the local device or Kindle library, while e-books and personal documents stored on the Kindle device will not be affected.

The decision of Amazon Kindle to withdraw from the Chinese market has attracted a lot of attention, and many Kindle users expressed regret and reluctance. Some public opinion believes that this is because Amazon Kindle’s own hardware and software innovation is slow, and it has been caught up by the rising domestic brands. At present, domestic brands such as Onyx Boox, Bigme, Hanvon, iReader, JD.com, and iFLYTEK have launched in recent years. E-readers with various functions and different sizes, and the number of registered users of WeChat reading has exceeded 200 million. The products of these brands are closer to the needs of Chinese users than Kindle. On the other hand, in terms of content, Chinese users’ willingness to pay is relatively low, coupled with the proliferation of pirated e-book resources, the main reason is that it is becoming more and more difficult for Kindle to operate in China.

In general, Kindle, as a pioneer in developing the reader and e-book market, has indeed completed its historical mission. It has experienced peaks and troughs, and was finally washed away in China's unique operating environment.

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