New E-Ink Product: Hanvon AI Electronic Paper Learning Notebook S10──A learning device for primary and middle school students with smart reading

In the past April 12, Hanvon held the 30th anniversary of Hanvon brand and the 2023 spring new product launch conference online. Among them was a new product called "Hanvon AI Electronic Paper Learning Book", which is specially designed for students aged 5-18. design, equipped with a 10.3-inch electronic ink screen, 6.8mm thick, and weighs about 390g.

This electronic paper tablet continues to use Hanvon's exclusive screen-reducing layer design, removing the light guide plate above the ink screen to make the display clearer. In addition, it also has a built-in 6000mAh large battery, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, dual radio microphones and dual speakers, and supports both handwriting and touch operations. It is worth mentioning that this new product is equipped with a brand new Hanvon self-developed digital electromagnetic pen with a custom button on the pen body to quickly switch brushes.

Well, the above are all hardware introductions. In fact, what is the point of its AI? How to link it with learning?

Hanwang said that this product focuses on two learning scenarios: reading and homework. In terms of reading, it has built-in a large number of genuine resources, including bibliographies recommended by the Ministry of Education of China and excellent domestic and foreign literary works. Users can read for free without downloading or connecting to the Internet. According to different genres and different difficulty levels, intelligently select intensive reading bibliographies , so that students can comprehensively improve their reading ability while reading graded books.

In terms of homework, Hanvon AI electronic paper learning books can share the resources of China's top 100 famous schools for free, and has built-in Hanvon self-developed OCR recognition technology to support automatic correction. In addition, it has built-in a variety of oral arithmetic question types, and helps children develop arithmetic ability through breakthrough-style questions and intelligent judgments. In addition, it has a built-in support letter function, which is convenient for users to interact and share notes with classmates and teachers in real time.

Hanvon has specially developed an exclusive APP for parents to understand their children's learning progress and the authority to own the application market in the device.

The price of Hanvon AI e-paper learning notebook is 3299RMB, and it is now offering pre-sale discounts at its flagship store on JD.com , and it is expected to ship in late April.

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