E-Ink概念新品:結合經典與創新的新設計──Digital Pocketbook 3.0

E-Ink concept new product: a new design that combines classics and innovation─Digital Pocketbook 3.0

Today, Reddit and Good E-Reader both shared an impressive mobile E-Ink reader─Digital Pocketbook 3.0. It has a lake blue body, rounded corners, and a 6.2-inch E-Ink screen. The most eye-catching feature is the full keyboard accessory. Once put on, it looks like an E-Ink Blackberry phone, and it also comes with a white electromagnetic pen.

Are you also excited after seeing this?

This eye-catching reader, if it really comes out, will definitely attract considerable attention and popularity in the reader market! Why do we say this? Because, in fact, this Digital Pocketbook 3.0 is just a concept machine, and Reddit and Good E-Reader will talk about it just because they saw its introduction video on the Chinese Bilibili website, but they did not realize that the video publisher Mechanical_Pixel is actually a UP owner who specializes in designing 3C concept products. He has actually created many concept mobile phone models, and the one introduced in this report is already the third generation of this series. This UP owner also tried to use 3D printing to turn his design into a physical object, which is very experimental.

If you want to know more details about Digital Pocketbook 3.0, you may wish to watch this video on Bilibili. It would be great if there is really a chance for the concept to come true in the future. Will any manufacturers pay attention to this designer?

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