E-Ink概念產品:CHORD speaker──結合美觀、便攜與功能的家居音響

E-Ink concept product: CHORD speaker──A home audio that combines beauty, portability and functionality

The development of audio technology has made our life more convenient and rich. Today, we are going to introduce a brand new concept product - CHORD speaker. Designed by Alexander Marovec , this audio equipment is designed for the kitchen, allowing you to enjoy high-quality music experience while cooking, and it is also portable.

The CHORD speaker is divided into the main speaker and the base. It adopts Bluetooth 5.0 technology and can be connected within 30 feet, allowing you to easily connect the device to the speaker and control the music from a distance. In addition, the top of the CHORD speaker base is also equipped with a color E-Ink display, and an interactive touch stick at the bottom of the screen, which is convenient for you to navigate menus and operations. You can also control the device with your voice.

The main speaker of the CHORD speaker is removable, so you can easily take it anywhere. This allows you to enjoy music anytime, anywhere, whether it's in the kitchen, backyard, or another room. In addition, the main speaker also uses wireless induction charging technology, which eliminates the trouble of tangled wires, and can be charged only by putting it back on the base, which is very convenient. The CHORD speaker main speaker is equipped with a 15600 mAh battery that can last up to 8 hours, ensuring that the music will continue to play during the party.

CHORD speaker is designed in three colors: "Blueberry Mousse", "Whipped Cream" and "Matcha Foam". This concept product has a high degree of completion and innovation. It is also very suitable as a home furnishing. I look forward to the opportunity for it to be officially launched in the future.

CHORD speakerProduct introduction

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