New E-Ink product: BlackSlate7──Evolved on-set marking board

Tribe7 has a product called BLACKSLATE7, a marker slate that uses e-ink and NFC to customize the look and transmit scene metadata for use in post-production. The 7.5-inch board has all the usual features, including marker poles for synchronizing sounds, and a signboard with date, scene, time, and other details written on it. What makes it special is that it can be synced with the iPhone to create a new custom layout with unique project graphics and data categories, so that changes can be made when shooting scenes.

Unlike traditional wooden marker boards, the BLACKSLATE7 is made from high-impact ABS plastic. All the information that would normally be found on a marker plate is generated using an E-Ink display behind an anti-glare screen, protected by 8H Gorilla Glass.

The device functions the same as a typical sketchpad. You still need to use a marker to actually paint on it. However, users can create special custom layouts using a companion app. While built-in presets can be used, creatives can create a layout of their own in Adobe Photoshop, or even draw it on paper and capture it with a smartphone. They can then use NFC to load the image onto the artboard and combine it with several different artboard templates to create their own artboard.

The user can fill in all the usual information in the blanks as usual with a dry erase pen. Those who want a blackboard-like vibe can use liquid chalk notes. Then, when the next scene is ready to shoot, it can be wiped away and any necessary changes made.

The BLACKSLATE 7 also doesn't require an external power source or recharge its built-in lithium battery, which has an estimated lifespan of seven years and can power the e-ink display. The display uses power only when changes are made to the programming of the template interface.

This unique product is priced at $237, and you can pre-order it on its official website , and it is expected to arrive by the end of April.

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No Film School: Should You Bring the New Tribe7 Slate's E-Ink Tech To Set?

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