doodroo類紙膜重新補貨 及 daistes goBelt C1手機指環正式上架發售

doodroo paperlike films have been restocked and daistes goBelt C1 mobile phone rings are officially on sale

The Tab Ultra series doodroo paperlike film that has been the most popular one but has been out of stock for a while is finally in stock. It can be regarded as the best partner for Tab Ultra C Pro! The 13.3-inch Tab X model has also been restocked. The aragonite Tab series has a slippery writing feel. If you have requirements for writing, adding a piece of doodroo can provide a writing feel like real paper and is also scratch-resistant. By the way, there are two sets of doodroo, you can use them as spares or share them with your friends.

In addition, Note Air3 series models are also added this time, and Kindle Scribe models are also available in small quantities. iPad styles are also available. For iPads that also have a slippery writing feel, doodroo will also be a good partner, bringing a completely new writing feel.

The German goBelt C1 mobile phone ring , which the shop owner reviewed earlier, is finally on sale on E-Reader Pro , priced at £8.99. If you purchase any model of doodroo paper protector/dust collection product/HyRead Gaze Mini, you can add it at a discounted price of £7.49.

The above products can be shipped overseas except the UK (shipping charges are extra). Please PM us for details. The product link is in the message box. If you are interested in buying it, please go and have a look at E-Reader Pro. Thank you for your support! 😉
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