Bigme大我的市場策略,推出彩色B751C單機版,停產採用Gallery 3技術的Galy

Bigme’s market strategy launches the color B751C stand-alone version and discontinues the production of Galy using Gallery 3 technology

In November last year, Bigme launched the B751 AI Mini smart office notebook with a 7-inch size, black and white display, physical page turning keys and handwriting capability, which is quite unique. By January this year, Bigme launched a color version of the B751C. Except for changing the screen to a color Kaleido 3 panel and changing the front frame from white to black, the rest of the specifications are the same. Three months later, Bigme released a stand-alone version of the B751C with the handwriting function removed, which was hundreds of yuan cheaper and priced at 1,659 RMB.

Although the B751C single version does not directly come with a stylus, users can choose to hide stylus-related applications in the interface , but users can later choose to purchase a stylus to enable note-taking and drawing functions, providing additional flexibility of use.

At the same time, according to a report by Good E-Reader , Bigme announced that Galy has been discontinued. This 8-inch color reader uses E-Ink Gallery 3 color technology and can display up to 50,000 different colors. When it started crowdfunding at the end of 2022, many reader enthusiasts were looking forward to it. Regrettably, when Galy was officially launched, users generally received mediocre reviews due to the unsatisfactory refresh performance. However, Yuantai Technology did not continue to develop Gallery technology and chose to focus on the development of Kaleido 3 for color readers, making Galy the only product on the market that uses Gallery 3 technology.

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