Bigme and Boox have released update files to address the image afterimage problem. Have you installed them?

When using a reader, in addition to being afraid of the screen being crushed, the other concern is image retention, which will greatly affect the user's mood. Recently, two major browser manufacturers, Bigme and Boox, have also brought updates to designated users to address the image retention problem.

In late August, Bigme announced that it would bring the latest "automatic afterimage elimination algorithm" ( portal ) to its products through updates. In the past week, Bigme users of designated models (S6, S6 Color, S6 Color lite, S6 Color+, inkNote color, inkNote color+ and inkNote color lite) should also receive relevant system updates one after another. The InkNote Color that the shop owner Jichen has on hand has also been updated, and the version model is INKNOTE_COLOR_R_3.3.2_20230829.

After the update, the device will add an "Automatic Image Elimination" option in the "Eink Center", which will appear and can be turned on when the user selects "Normal (Quick Brush) Mode" and "Extreme Speed ​​Mode".

When browsing the web and playing videos, you can use high-speed mode and then turn on "Automatic Image Removal". You can see the effect:


Boox's best-selling model in the past six months has undoubtedly been the Tab Ultra C, and Boox launched a beta version 3.4 Beta Version for it in late July, which brought some new features, such as the ability to add blank pages to PDF files for notes. For this purpose, a new "fill" function has been added to notes, and the accuracy of AI recognition of handwriting has also been improved. In the latest update (version 2023-09-01_14-56_3.4), the performance of handling afterimages has been improved, and there is indeed a better experience when reading e-books (especially PDF) and using third-party APPs.

Some Boox's users may find out why I did not receive the 3.4 Beta update? Yes, you need to apply for this beta version from the official website first, and then it will be pushed to your device via OTA. You can go to "Settings" > "Feedback and Suggestions" to ask.

Warm reminder: Since Boox provides a beta version, unpredictable problems may occur after the update. It is recommended to back up important files before updating. We look forward to Aragonite launching the official version 3.4 at a later date.

If you are a Bigme or Boox user and hold the above models, you may wish to try the above updates and see if it will make you more comfortable and happy to use it!

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