E-Ink新聞:請期待未來的E-Ink閱讀器/平板邁進Android 14的世界吧!

Please look forward to the future E-Ink Reader/Tablet entering the world of Android 14!

In the future, Android 14 will make more appropriate adjustments to E-Ink Android devices. Looking at the past Android versions, it is actually not friendly to devices using E-Ink screens, because E-Ink screens require more fine-tuning to improve performance and extend battery life.

Starting from Android 12L, Google has given priority to the tablet experience, and Android 14 will have some progress, such as improving background processing, thereby reducing the pressure on the device's battery. It is also more suitable for tablet computers and higher DPI. All of the above factors have a great chance to drive most E INK brands that use e-paper displays and run Android to upgrade to Android 14 for better performance and better user experience.

Source of the report:
Good E-Reader: Android 14 will be great for E INK Android Tablets

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