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7.8-inch Gaze Note Plus CC color full-screen E-Reader

7.8-inch Gaze Note Plus CC color full-screen E-Reader

1. It is an upgraded model of HyRead Gaze Note Plus C. It adopts the latest E-Ink Kaleido 3 color technology and cooperates with its own library system. It can be read in major public libraries in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan (of course, provided that you have registered an account). It is a book This adds color;
2. Open system, different applications can be downloaded through Google Play;
3. You can purchase an additional stylus to use the built-in note-taking function as electronic paper;
4. Upgraded to equipped with warm and cold dual-color reading lights, TF card can be inserted, built-in speakers, and supports Bluetooth, allowing users to use this device in different ways in different situations;

JC's short review: If you want a Taiwanese brand and open reader, the HyRead Gaze Note series is the only choice. This Gaze Note Plus CC has the best color display on the market at this stage and has a built-in library system. It is very suitable for reading color picture books/picture books, and it can also be used for handwriting notes and expansion by inserting a TF card, which is really convenient.

(Note: Wacom original electromagnetic pen is an add-on item for the reader and cannot be purchased independently. Please note that, thank you!)

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Screen: Kaleido 3 color electronic paper display screen Capacitive and electromagnetic touch panel Black and white display 1404x1872 (300 ppi)
Color display 702x936 (150 ppi)

Weight: 298g

Size: 138*196*7.9mm

Storage capacity: 32G (Micro SD supports expansion up to 1T)

Page turning: touch the screen to turn pages (double touch with hand and pen)

Handwriting: notes support handwriting (4096 levels of pressure sensitivity)
elastic enable

Screen: Light source front light (with warm and cold dual color temperature)

Port: Type-C (support OTG)

CPU: Quad Core Processor 1.8 GHz


Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 2.4G+5G

Interface: Android 11
Can install legal APK by itself

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2

Support file:

Format e-book format: EPUB, PDF, MOBI, DOC, TXT, FB2, RTF, HTML/HTM, DJVU/DJV
Image format: JPEG, PNG
via cable or download

Charging time: 3200mAh/full charge about 2.5 hours

Power supply/transformer: Adapter is recommended Specifications: input 110V/60Hz, output 5V/2A
Operating ambient temperature: 5°C~45°C

Audio: Built-in speaker and microphone

NCC Type Approval Number: CCAJ22LP1312T2


Remarks: The video 04:41-07:49 is the unboxing and feature introduction of the Gaze rollover protective case


HyRead Gaze Note series 7.8-inch dedicated: Note Plus , Note Plus C Universal

Size: 204mmX144mmX18mm

Weight: 175g±10g

Material: Synthetic leather, TPU soft rubber


1. The soft version of the back shell fits the body and completely covers it, making it easy to disassemble and assemble without burden.

2. The stylus is stored in the front, light and portable.

3. Flip and fold to enjoy super convenient reading.

4. Magnetic induction, automatic sleep and wake up.