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7.8" Nova Air C Featured Package

7.8" Nova Air C Featured Package

The shopkeeper JC provides you with two selected packages according to your budget and experience.
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Nova Air C Description

BOOX Nova Air C Next Generation Powerful Color E-Reader

BOOX Nova Air C 7.8-inch color e-reader was launched in 2022. It has a unique light color rendering effect. It is equipped with the new E-Ink On-Cell Kaleido ™ Plus flat color ink display screen of E-Ink Technology, which is closer to the traditional paper-based reading experience. , the picture is moist and not dazzling, the black and white lines are clearer, and the color effect is more delicate. 16 kinds of brush colors, 5 kinds of stroke effects, 50 preset note templates, professional hand-painting function, unlimited creation.

Obtained TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification, which effectively reduces the damage caused by blue light and reduces the fatigue of using 3C devices for a long time. Even in the sun, there is no glare, making reading more comfortable.

Exquisite and slender metal body, advanced spraying process

Stylish appearance, magnesium alloy metal back shell, exquisite and slender metal body, comfortable to hold with one hand, even girls can easily grasp it, with BOOX Pen Plus magnetic suction electromagnetic pen, you can take notes with you It can be stowed and will add a more stylish design sense to your reader.

Record your inspiration anytime, anywhere

BOOX's new upgrade system supports the addition of custom brushes. You can put your frequently used brushes on the top layer for instant use and easy switching. For PDF files, manual page cropping is added, and you can select the cropping area you need; Add a file sharing application, long press the file in the system to share the file to other APPs. It is easier to operate and understands your operating system better.

You can use Google Play to install various Android applications, including notes, drawing, and reading you want, and it can play a powerful task processing function. The open Android 11 system can load books across platforms, making reading a part of life! Kobo, HyRead,, Readmoo, National Library, Hami, Pubu, mybook and other e-book store applications can all be easily installed through the Google Play Store.

Connect your infinite possibilities

The latest high-performance specifications, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor octa-core 2.0 GHz, 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, responsive and smooth; equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 device, easy to match with peripheral devices; built-in microphone and amplifier, not only for reading, but also You can listen to books and voice input to improve work efficiency and create your infinite possibilities.

The new technology WiFi 5GHz speed transmission, network connection and file transmission, get rid of annoying transmission lines, and create your wireless life. Built-in high-efficiency multi-function connection Type-C port, 2000mAh battery can be charged quickly and continuously. Equipped with an OTG expansion device, the maximum support is 512GB, and it is more convenient to transfer files and exchange data. Only 268g light weight, 6.3mm ultra-thin body, can be easily used in various occasions: travel, meeting, study, exhibition, sketch, etc., left or right hand, no matter which hand can easily operate with one hand .


Advanced Package Description



備註:套裝只包含一張doodroo 類紙保護貼

BOOX 內膽包皮套

僅 10 mm 厚度,纖薄簡約棉麻皮套

Best Experience Package Description



備註:套裝只包含一張doodroo 類紙保護貼



適合型號: Nova Air2/ Nova Air/ Nova Air C
通過磁吸連接設計,輕輕一碰即可與 Nova Air 電子閱讀器吸附

外觀尺寸:14.8 x 0.9 x 19.8 cm
重量:約 183g
內容物:按鍵皮套 x 1



這產品是採用Z108 POM 圓形筆尖,尖端半徑為 0.7 毫米,最適合於磨砂表面上書寫。

LAMY這款EMR筆無需電池,可更換筆蕊(0.7毫米),是BOOX兼具書寫功能的Nova/Note/Max系列和各種運有Wacom EMR技術的移動設備的可靠好幫手。

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